Fresh New Look!

Hi All!

This may have confused some of you as it did me, but this blog is now taking over from ‘Scrapprentice’.

Now don’t bother googling it, you won’t find it! I deleted it! Purely by accident, I assure you, but nevertheless, it is gone for good.

Yes, I am gutted, but hopefully it won’t take too long for this new blog address to get back around to all my faithful previous followers!

I shall soon start posting my recent works, but for now I am off to e-mail any of you that I can find to let you know the bad, and good news!

1 thought on “Fresh New Look!

  1. Hurrah! Lou I have finally found you again co's I didn't know where you'd gone after deleting your blog! Hurrah!! Thank goodness you posted a comment on someone else's blog otherwise I wouldn't have found you?
    Keep up the fab work!

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