Quick update!

I did say I would be blogging more regularly….whoops!!!

So here is a few pages to update you on what I have been up to….

This page was made after I finally made my daughter a dress. I have never sewn a thing in my life before this, so I was happy, and so was she!

I used scraps of the dress material on the page, and the stripey paper was the inspiration for the colour scheme. It was an excuse to do some hand stitching on the page, and you will see on my next pages that I am now quite addicted to the sewing machine!

Here is a page I scrapped about Oliver’s love of a ball, which is definitely something he must get from daddy!

Did I forget to rotate these?!

I cut out circles from an overlay, and used different coloured brads to hold them in place. I loved this backing card and couldn’t find quite the right photo to use on it…until now!

And finally another random page I have done recently was All About Me, which was how it felt when we went out to celebrate my birthday recently *blush*!!

2 thoughts on “Quick update!

  1. Love these LOs…even the one you posted as your “ugly” LO! LOL we all have those, don't we? I agree with the last poster – great dress! Love your blog couture, too!

  2. love the zipper and tag on the page about making the dress 😀

    it is all about you on your birthday – no need to blush (ps – killer purple dress) 😀

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