How embarrasing!

Much to my Husbands disgust, I made the page yesterday…..

It was supposed to be quite quick and simple. I already had the colour scheme and layout in mind before I started, and even a title. But I started with this sheet as my backing page….

Although I absolutley LOVE the paper, with such a busy background, everything looked too crowded and nothing stood out. I decided to save this sheet for when I have very little time, and only want to add a few simple plain embellies.

So what to do now…? I have everything ready, just nothing suitable to stick it down onto. i put it all against blue, green, grey, coffee coloured cardstock, but it all looked a bit lost on the page without that brown frame…

AHH HAA!!!! That was it…the brown frame! I used the diecut sheet as a template and cut out a brown frame from plain brown bazzil. VOILA!! It finished off the page perfectly!

3 thoughts on “How embarrasing!

  1. Love the layout Lou! The pictures are hilarious (I made my nephews wear tiaras for a photoshoot too! *LOL*)…love all the embellies too! Especially that arrow! Great work!

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