This weekend….

….has been such a busy one! On Friday I went a bit mad in the afternoon going above and beyond the call of housework duties by venturing into a mini winter/spring clean! I finally stopped well past dinnertime, and still ache!

On Saturday I dragged myself and my aching body out of bed to get the kids down the doctors for their Swine Flu jabs. Luckily my two were brilliant, and even smiled whilst they were being done, but there were many children screaming and crying, either through the anticipation, or the pain after!

After all the commotion down there, I dropped the kids, armed with ‘well done’ sweets, round their grandparents and I shot off to Otley for a day of scrapbooking at the Papermaze Crop. Everyone is so friendly there, and I had a lovely relaxing time again. Here is what I managed to complete….

…and this one I started, but finished when I got home (with a glass of wine or three!) I just adore this photo, and am determined to experiment with editing more of my existing photos to see if I can get some more results like this one.

At the crop there was also a draw which was from the xmas crop when very few people attended due to the weather! I was lucky enough to win an American Crafts Album which I am thrilled about! during my mad cleaning spree the day before I had sorted through all my LO’s and found I simply did not have nearly as many albums as I needed so many pages were heading for the loft…not now!

Well Sunday was spent doing the usual, food shopping, visiting family and more housework, but by the evening Izabelle was off her food and VERY tired, to the point of wanting to go to bed at 6.30pm! I put it down to her jab plus a busy weekend and let her go off. Hopefully she will be ok when I pick her up this afternoon!

Also, I don’t think i showed my family sledging pics from last weekend?! Here are a couple, but if you ‘befriend’ me on facebook (in the sidebar) you can view the whole album, plus there is also an album full of my scrapbook pages, old and new!

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  1. beautiful pgs. Lou! so glad to see you guys having fun in the snow…we just got some more snow last night and i hate it! ๐Ÿ˜€ have a great week!

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