Just a Quicky!

I found myself with a spare half hour this weekend, so I decided to start scrapping a photo I had been putting off for a long time. This photo is one from a group of professional ones we had done in May last year (it really has been that long!) but this was the freebie one, which I didn’t have room to put up on the wall anywhere.

The photo was a 10″ x 12″ but I managed to trim it down to 8″ x 12″. I knew with a photo this size, I would have to keep the embelishments, and even background papers to a minimum, so I found this really difficult. It was really simple, and I stuck to the colours in the photo. It really did only take half an hour, and with more time I am sure I could have made it much better, but at least thats another thing knocked off my ‘To Do’ list!

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