What makes hubby surrender?

Puppy Dog Eyes, that’s what! One of his biggest weaknesses! And luckily for me, I apparently have these (my secret weapon in the war against men!)

Also, my children will one day be grateful that I have passed this on to them too! The photo in this LO is one of very few that have me and both my kids in, and I love that all our eyes next to each other appear exactly the same. So I decided to use this as the basis for my LO, with lots of browns as the colour scheme. I used greens and yellows as accent colours, which were all found in the new Basic Grey ‘Origins’ line. The idea for the green came from the backing card off the Prima Swirl! Luckily, there was a sheet of green checked paper in the BG range!

I wasn’t sure at first about how this page was going, because it was quite different to any I’ve done before. There is detail all over the page and I am used to either using a neat symmetrical LO, or lots of white space with a cluster of detail. I am still in two minds, so what do you think?

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