Round & round we go!

Well, not me, but a sketch instead! Below is the sketch I worked on for my last LO, from Sarah’s Cards blog. I also decided to use this again, but this time I rotated it 90 degrees anti-clockwise, then flipped it vertically. Thus the photo was on top, and the accents below. This sketch has loads of white space with a cluster of embellies and papers, which is a perfect style for me.

I used this great photo of my DS, taken on New Years Day this year, when he seemed to look so grown up, and cool! He really is starting to become a lil’ dude!

I just love this splat stamp by Making Memories. I may have gone a little overboard using it thre times on one page, but hey, he is one very messy little boy!

I also wanted to share with you this little piece I did for our bedroom wall yesterday.

I spent all day Thursday sorting our room out to look more like a relaxing bedroom than a spare room and dumping ground, and to finish off the look, I decided on a few accessories. If you live in the UK you may have heard of The Range stores. (Very cheap, but some great stuff for the home!)Well I picked up this canvas picture for just £3, which has the perfect colours for our room, but I also grabbed a pack of these 6 mirror effect butterflies for just 99p. I stuck the butterflies onto the picture, and off onto the wall. They look really pretty, and different.

Anyway, since I have a few hours this afternoon, I may now start on another page. Just have to browse for some inspiration!


  1. Love this one Lou!! I don't think you have overdone the splat stamp it looks great, perfect for little boys.
    Canvas looks good too, I love how you have extended it onto the wall with the mirror butterflies.


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