Round & round we go!

Well, not me, but a sketch instead! Below is the sketch I worked on for my last LO, from Sarah’s Cards blog. I also decided to use this again, but this time I rotated it 90 degrees anti-clockwise, then flipped it vertically. Thus the photo was on top, and the accents below. This sketch has loads of white space with a cluster of embellies and papers, which is a perfect style for me.

I used this great photo of my DS, taken on New Years Day this year, when he seemed to look so grown up, and cool! He really is starting to become a lil’ dude!

I just love this splat stamp by Making Memories. I may have gone a little overboard using it thre times on one page, but hey, he is one very messy little boy!

I also wanted to share with you this little piece I did for our bedroom wall yesterday.

I spent all day Thursday sorting our room out to look more like a relaxing bedroom than a spare room and dumping ground, and to finish off the look, I decided on a few accessories. If you live in the UK you may have heard of The Range stores. (Very cheap, but some great stuff for the home!)Well I picked up this canvas picture for just £3, which has the perfect colours for our room, but I also grabbed a pack of these 6 mirror effect butterflies for just 99p. I stuck the butterflies onto the picture, and off onto the wall. They look really pretty, and different.

Anyway, since I have a few hours this afternoon, I may now start on another page. Just have to browse for some inspiration!

2 thoughts on “Round & round we go!

  1. Wow! I love all this stuff, well done you for scrapping right off the page and on to your bedroom wall! Fab idea to use the splat stamp on the acrylic, too.

  2. Love this one Lou!! I don't think you have overdone the splat stamp it looks great, perfect for little boys.
    Canvas looks good too, I love how you have extended it onto the wall with the mirror butterflies.

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