My Curly Girl…

Izabelle was born with a fine layer of dark hair. Which proceeded to drop out, leaving her totally bald. Not for a few months, but for around 18 long months! When her hair finally started coming through, it was lovely and blonde, and tight curls all over. She looked adorable. Although it grew slow, so she had a ‘boy’ haircut for quite a while, it was so pretty it really didn’t matter. Her hair was always a talking point. I guess she got it from my dad, who had tight ringlets when he was younger.

Now she is nearly 5 and her hair is just below her shoulders. Sadly, with the weight of it, only her fringe and the bottom half of her hair is curly, the rest is wavy, and starting to darken. I am sure she will always have waves, like me, but I wanted to document those curls before they are just a faded memory!

I used a very different layout for this page, and I am ‘in two minds’ as to whether I love it, or just quite like it because of the gorgeous photo!

I bought the Prima swirl in light pink and blue, but when I got it home, I found it too ‘baby-ish’ to use. Luckily, it fit in perfectly for this page.

Now it is finished, I think I should not have used such a strong colour and pattern for the back panel, but as this is stitched on, it may be a little late to do anything about it!

Again, there are those butterlies. I have asked my local shop to put aside another butterfly punch for me when they next get it in…can’t wait!

For now, I am going to try to do a blod and bright LO next, after being inspired by Rachael Elliot.
Post again soon! X

3 thoughts on “My Curly Girl…

  1. Lou the layout looks lovely and her curls are just gorgeous, reminds me of my eldest she had a mass of red curls. I am loving the butterflies!!
    Looking forward to seeing your page with bright papers, there are so many gorgeous ones on the market. The papers I used for the LO on sarahs cards blog are all in the shop there is a link to them in the post, they are rather yummy!
    Sorry it was me who posted previous comment forgot to sign out of that blog before I posted on here….it has been a long day!

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