No PP ?!?

I have just realised as I was uploading these photo’s, that I actually didn’t use any patterned paper for this LO!
I did this one last night, as hubby was away again. Yesterday I took a trek out to Capture The Magic (about 45mins drive) to have a little browse, and couldn’t wait to play with the bits I got from there! So the kids were ushered into bed nice and early, and I even sacraficed watching Eastenders!

My fave buy, which I know is an old product now, was this Fancy Pants overlay.
I had seen it a long time ago on a LO in a magazine, and have wanted to play with one ever since.

I kept this page simple, using just a few colours. I had a lot more photos and journaling than usual, so I left the embelishments to a minimum.

Stitching around the two corners held it all in together. I actually left it without stitching last night, but it was still looking a bit unfinished this morning, until I got my sewing machine out!

The journaling reads:

‘You two are inseparable. You both worry about each other, care madly foreach other, and love playing together. You both cry when the other is hurt or ill. You can’t sleep when the other is not in the room with you, and you have to be sitting next to each other on the sofa. You are so close as brother and sister, and I hope you always will be.

But then there are those times, usually when I am in another room, and I hear a crash, bang or scream, I will ask ”Who was that?” and straight away, without hesitation, Izabelle will forget all of this and declare-‘


Thanks for looking! X

2 thoughts on “No PP ?!?

  1. Lou,
    What a beautiful layout [the piccies are so cute of your little ones] I love the stitching and the detail – the overlay was a great choice.
    Take Care Hun – Ju xx

  2. what a gorgeous layout – to be honest, I never would have first thought that there was no patterned paper – the overlay does such a fab job of adding that “pop”. I think we all get so caught up with, is it the latest papers that you forget what wonderful stuff is out there, or we already have LOL. Fabulous layout.

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