Ohh, i’m on a roll…!

I admit it.

I have done next to NO housework this week…all except the bare essentials. School run, washing up, whip the hoover round (quickly!)

Instead I have been hiding at my desk, scrapping. Morning, afternoon, and evening. In fact I got to bed at gone 11pm last night, and that is LATE for me!

So here is another LO….
I love this candid photo, but because of the grey/brown tones, it was hard to find a suitable colour scheme. So I went for all out BRIGHT & BOLD! Threw a whole load of colours at it…and it actually looks ok! Now apparently hubby has to make his way west again tonight, so I am now pondering what to donext. I did take the kids to the park for an hour earlier, in the hope it would tire them enough to put them to bed early again! Wicked Mummy!!!

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