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Tonight I have decorated a tin for a friend, who’s neice liked the one I did her son a while ago. (Confused? I am!)

I used MME ‘quite contrary’ papers, well, one sheet of actually, but I used both sides. I love the colours of this line, but you can’t really appreciate them in a photo.

Now I have been experimenting with different styles of detailing photos. These two styles take a lot less time to upload, but which of the two do you think is best? I would really appreciate my readers imput here!

Slide or Collage?

If I get a minute I shall write up a post explaining how to easily acheive both.

I did the whole tied ribbon thing, as I have seen it looking good so many times, and loved the shabby effect, but I don’t think I really nailed it! Nevermind – she can always cut these off if she doesn’t like it!

I have somehow run out of photo paper, and when I tried to get some in the supermarket today, they had also run out! Disaster! So hopefully tomorrow I can find some and print off the photo I really wanted to scrap next, otherwise I shall be attempting this one instead….

Makes you want to dive for the baby wipes, doesn’t it?!

3 thoughts on “Off the page…

  1. oh she is just going to love it – it's really gorgeous.

    Now as to which I prefer, well both are good – but I get more of a close up of your work with the slide, so it's better on the detail.

  2. Hi Lou,
    I love the decorated tin – it looks fantastic – Little Mia is going to love it and what a suer cute photo – you'll have to turn that one into a wonderful Layout [Dont you just love it when you have the camera in your hand at just the right time]
    Take Care – Ju xx

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