I don’t do resolutions!

Unlike most other people, I do not make New Years Resolutions. I never have. i know that if I say I will do something, and put pressure on myself to do it, I will fail within weeks.

However, i do know that for my own health, i need to drink more. I always have done. I can go all day without a drink and not realise til the evening.
This is why I have made this to go on my fridge….

The idea is that i will note how many glasses of drink (probably not just water!) I have actually had each day, in an attempt to scare/encourage myself into getting more of the wet stuff. It will also act as a reminder to grab a drink whenever I see it.
I have stuck it to my fridge using self adhesive magnets, and there is a Tim Holtz Ideaology Arrow to act as my marker.
I put the numbers 1-8 as it is common knowledge thatyou should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Theres no way that will be happening just yet, but it is something to aim for. I know it will take a while for my body to get used to having more fluids (toilet stops here we come!) but hopefully i will feel better for it. I am hoping to hit 5 glasses each day to start with…we’ll see!


  1. I'm the same, I get a cup of tea made for me in the morning and sometimes its been tea time before I realise I've not had another drink! I now have 2 'definate' times of the day where I force myself to make a drink.


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