Something from almost nothing…and in no time!

A bit late but Happy Mothers Day to all the Mummys out there! I hope you all had a lovely day!

I didn’t!

We took my little boy to the on-call dr at 9.30 yesterday morning, and he confirmed he had a nasty chest infection, but it was so bad he wanted Paedriatrics at the hospital to see him. So we had to cancel the big family get together (much to my daughters disgust!) and make our way up to the hospital which is a 35minute car journey.

Once there he was examined, left to wait, and wait, and wait, x-rayed, left to wait, examined again, and fiunally sent home saying he had Bronchiolitis, which was all over one lung, and at the bottom of the other, he should go home and have no medication besides Paracetomol for his fever.


I asked ‘wouldn’t antibiotics help?’ but the Dr. just said, ‘YES!’ but they may give him an upset tummy or thrush’

So? I would much rather that!

Anyway, enough of my ranting, we will just have to see how he goes!

And as I said in my title, I have taken part in two challenges this weekend.
The first is from Shimelles ‘Something for almost nothing’ class challenging us to use metal products we already have, then scraps of paper. I am creating an album called ‘Celebrate Life’, which this class helps you to complete throughout. So here is my album cover and first page…

This class is fab and you can sign up at any time, and take as long as you want to go through the prompts!
Secondly, over at 3 Scrappy Boys, There is a Scraplift relay running at the moment in the forum.
Here is the page I had to very quickly do before we went to the Dr’s yesterday…

There is always fab inspiration, and a great group of gals to chat with at 3SB, so why not check it out? X

2 thoughts on “Something from almost nothing…and in no time!

  1. Love your first couple of pages for your Celebrate Life album. They look fantastic. So glad to have found your blog through the class 🙂

  2. Hope your little boy is doing alright now, not quite the day you had planned 🙁
    Loving the mini book, looks great I really must give them a go! Fab LO too as always x

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