Hate my sewing machine!

Although I was going to do a very rough, less-than-perfect stitch on this page, I could have done with the sewing machine actually working a little bit. i think it didn’t like going through the felt, but it kept missing stitches completely!

Anyhoos, after half an hour of frustrated stitching, I finished these material panels to be able to complete this page…

I also finally used the Cosmo Cricket dial, which I have had in my stash for a very long time. I always thought it would be too ig to use all of it on one LO but I have just proved my self wrong!

Do you think I still like doing the altered edges? I am also loving embellies overlapping the edge of the page too.

4 thoughts on “Hate my sewing machine!

  1. I never would have guessed that this delightful layout caused so many problems! I adore all teh dimension on teh layout. just scrumptous!

  2. oohh I just love it – Each time I see another one of your layouts I love it more than the last, how do you do it. I'm with you on the overlapping edges, I think they look really great.

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