Meet my Husband…

…but please don’t run screaming! He honestly doesn’t usually look like this, only when there’s a camera around!

I just quickly made this LO, after realising that the deadline for Sarah’s Card’s challenge was nearly up for this month!
The challenge is to use up old stash…which I have stuck to 99%! The only bits of this entire LO which is not at least 6 months old, are the letter stickers. But then I go through packs of these so quickly, I could never have any around for long!
After the frustration with my sewing machine last time, I did just a small amount of hand stitching on this LO instaed. I hold a grudge for a while!
I found that using these old papers, I was reverting back to old, basic techniques aswell, like tearing, and hand doodling. This is all very well, but because I did not have the same passion for these products as I would brand new ones, I also found myself being a bit lazy, and not putting my whole heart into it. So one big shake, and a telling off, and I started to get my act together and work harder…! Just because they were old papers, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to grace a good LO!
Hope you all have a good weekend! The sun is shining here, so (once I am actually dressed) I am off in the garden to start scrubbing the winter residue off the kids playhouse and trampoline…oh joy!

5 thoughts on “Meet my Husband…

  1. Well that telling off certainly worked, the layout is just stunning 🙂

    Yeah, husbands do have a way of showing you up, don' they LOL

  2. This is a fab LO Lou, I know what you mean about scrapping with old papers when you have gorgeous brand new ones sitting on the shelf 🙂
    Love love love your LO in the post above this one!!!

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