opinions please….

I made this LO today, whilst little man slept. Knowing I only had a short while, I rushed it a bit. Now I think it still needs something, but don’t know what. Or do I just leave it and avoid the risk of overdoing it? It just doesn’t seem quite finished to me….so I am leaving it to you to help me decide. I trust your professional opinions!

And a bit of blurb about the page…I used a Prima calligraphy stamp, and white acrylic paint to add detail to the background….I stitched the word ‘teddy’ onto a piece of felt and cut it out (maybe it is that the title is too casual for the rest of the page?) ….and I distressed the photo by sanding the edges until they were white. On some photo papers, the top layer will actually peel away as you sand, leaving you with a slightly torn look too, which I love but this wasn’t going to happen with this paper 😦
I really appriciate any comments, not just on this post but all of my posts. You are all a fabulous source of confidence and inspiration, and I am grateful to every single one of you (even if I just don’t say so enough!)


  1. Goregous layout, I love the title it's great! It is annoying when you are not sure about a layout but then other people love it! It doesn't need changing it's great the way it is!


  2. That is a stunning layout. I think it maybe needs a little something at the left hand side of the photo just to balance the title a little bit. Feel free to call me a cheeky so and so, I don't mind.


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