The sweetest photo ever…

…and I just couldn’t do it the justice it deserved! I have had a nasty bout of that ‘scrapper’s block’ that has been going around, and it has been over a week since I managed to sit down and actually complete anything!

I printed this photo off recently, and even found a die-cut backing paper that went perfectly with it…

So after a long hot bath tonight (reading lots of old copies of scrappy mags for inspiration) I sat down to get this one done…

Excuse the awful photo, it is very dark in my little room this late at night! I raised everything up to try to give it added interest. It just didn’t quite come together as I would have liked, but hey ho, I should know better than to scrap tired anyway!

On a brighter note, I did manage to get my bathroom floor laid last week. I was up until midnight, and went to bed with blisters…but I am really pleased it is done…and I did it by myself! So what are men for, really???

We still have a bit to do, but it will soon be our first completed room of the house! Thank goodness we do not have to wash in the awful ‘apricot’ coloured suite anymore!

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