New love…

One hobby I really enjoy, but rarely have time to do, is playing with photo editing. I love to sit and play with the effects on this blog, which I can do for hours, and I really enjoy editing photos, and discovering new effects I can acheive.
I am a little annoyed that I didn’t go for an iphone when I recently upgraded, especially since the new ‘hipstamatic app is available. I would LOVE to put that to use!
So instead, I have been playing with my good old Paint.NET, and these are a couple of similar effects I managed…
…and I have also been constructing my own frames to place over photos before printing..
I am not into digital scrapping, but I do love to print of origial photos for paper scrapping, so you may soon be seeing some ‘old fashoined’ style photos on my pages very soon!


  1. Wow, I think you did really well, I especially like the 2nd one. I downloaded Hipstamatic yesterday and am still trying to figure it all out!


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