New Website!

Where have I been? Well, actually I have been setting up a new website (and hopefully my new business!) This has taken ALL my time lately, so please do pop on over and have a look.

Basically, I am offering non-creative people to have their most precious pics doctored, as we do, and framed to display as a keepsake, or give as a gift.

Fingers crossed it will all go OK, but I am totally open to any suggestions concerning the website, business, or whatever. Please do comment, I take CONSTRUCTIVE criticism very well 🙂

7 thoughts on “New Website!

  1. hi Lou, the website looks great, it's saying just what I think it needs to say! I really hope this is successful for you, and that the pressure of creating stuff to order all the time doesn't drive you completely bonkers.

    And as always, your LOs are gorgeous! x

  2. Great work Lou, both with the website & the idea! Your work is stunning & I'm sure you'll be really busy! The very best of luck hun 🙂

  3. Loving the new website and great idea! Fingers crossed for you, I am sure you will get lots of interest your pages are stunning 🙂

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