Out of my stride…

Having been a bit poorly lately, which is really not usual for me, I have tried to rest more than usual in the form of doing more scrapping 😀 However, I have found that the constant need to get warm drinks and painkillers has slowed my creativity, and I don’t seem to have that natural eye for the design of my pages that I tend to find comes easily. In fact, it has been hard work and my final pieces are ‘less than satisfactory’ (ever have that in your school report?!)

Still, since I have pondered for hours over these two pages, especially the first, I thought I would share them anyway…

For this one I was trying to use up some of my old stash that has been forgotten!

Well I have been to the doctors and he has confirmed I have an infection in my windpipe 🙁 but it should clear itself in a few days…so much more scrapin’ and relaxin’ is on the cards!

7 thoughts on “Out of my stride…

  1. Hi,

    M'y name is Gégé (Géraldine) from France, i find your blog by a comment your post on another one and i find it ver nice!!!!!!
    I'll comme again!

  2. Oh no poor you! hope you start to feel better really soon. fabulous pages…you have such an eye for details – poorly or not! karen

  3. Hope you feel better soon, know how you feel, I've got it too! I don't see that its affected you too much as these layouts are gorgeous!! I love the details behind the corners on the first and love how you have used the journaling stamps on the second. Fab pages, well worth the effort!

  4. love them both, but specially the 2nd one! Sorry you're feeling unwell, I have had a throat thingy on and off since early August so know how you feel!

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