Toot Toot!

Today, being monday started off slow and tiring, as all mondays do! by late afternoon I had had enough and wanted to curl up on the sofa for the rest of the day!
That was until I got an exciting email!

The new Zva Creative DT shall be…

Lisa Johnson – US
Teri Anderson – US
Windy Robinson – US
Debbie Olsen – US
Jillian Cassity – US
Angelica Franssen – US
Nancy Doren – US
Guisepps Gubler – US
Tara Orr – Canada
Benedicte Raphalen – France
Carole Maurin – France
Ingrid Danvers – Netherlands
Jolanda Meurs – Netherlands
Julianne McKenna – Australia
Gail Lindner – Australia
Tanya Tahir – Australia
Tokomo Takahashi – Japan
Camilla Ekman – Sweden
Susan Lui – Singapore
Louise Collins – UK !!!

I justcan’t wait to get started…I just can’t get enough of bling now-a-days!


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