Long time no blog!

But then what’s different? I have been busy with family stuff, working and getting ready for xmas, so what little craft time I get seems to be totally devoted to Design Team stuff!

Still, here are a couple of bits I can show you…

Firstly, a page I have wanted to do for a while (about 18 months!) with lots of photos of Oliver from birth to a year old.

I am not thrilled about it, and the photos took forever to get ready for printing, and then cut out, but at least I now have them down on paper! The journaling talks about his likes and dislikes at this stage of his life which was really important for me to get down before I forgot the little things!

Secondly, a small xmas gift for Izabelles teacher…

In case you can’t quite read it, it says ‘Pens & Things’ one side, and ‘Mrs Waldron’s’ the other. Simple but pretty. I just covered two different sized tin cans (after washing them out!) and glued them together. *HINT* make sure you use some pliers to smooth the cutt top edge.No-one will appreciate sharp bits!

And I want to make something a bit more xmassy to go with it. Just saw this on Wendy McKee’s Blog so might steal her fab idea!

My friend’s birthday was yesterday (EEEK!!!) so I quickly made him a card today, but despite not having much time, I went a bit far with the envelope too!

And lastly, just a couple of very quick wedding acceptances I made. Both very similar but the recipients do not know each other so it doesn’t matter!
I think that is me all caught up for now! Back soon with my first Zva pieces! X


  1. I really like the layout of Oliver's first years…a fab idea! The pencil holder is a great idea as well..i never seem to have time for things like that. Looking forward to seeing your Zva projects too! Anna xx


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