Slipped through the net…

Here are a couple of LO’s that I think have missed the ‘blog boat’ so to speak. Some are recent, and some are new but all for some reason didn’t make this blog when they were created…no idea why though!

‘Born to Cuddle’

This one was created recently for Papermaze’s Blog using a colour combo.


You can guess who this one was for! I used MME Lost and Found papers…LOVE this collection!

‘Ruben Joshua’
This is for a friend who had their son in September. It will be a Christmas Gift, framed, in colours that suit their living room.

‘Just Being Oliver’
I remember making this one a long time ago, and I was so into it that I took it round to the in-laws one weekend so that I could sit and stitch the leaves and buttons on!

‘Two against One’
And this is also a very old one but I found it the other day when I was sorting my albums out. I was just really pleased with how the layered photo came out, and the flowers were made from scraps of the photos!

Well that is something to keep this blog going for a little while! 🙂 I had better go check on my sniffy, snotty, coughy, hot little boy!

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