Welcome 2011!

Ok, so most blogger’s posts that were titled like this one were actually posted within the first few days of January! I have unfortunatly had lots on at home…and very little of it has been scrapping time!

On a bad note, We have all had the dredded ‘winter flu’ that managed to spread itself from Dec 22nd through til Jan 3rd, at varying degrees between us four plus almost all of our family! Poor Izabelle copped the worst of it feeling really rotten over Xmas Day and even the invincable Hubby managed to bag himself a nasty ear infection from his! I really do not cope well with illness and freak out at the slightest inkling of a bug so you can imagine what fun I had!

Plus, My Stepdad (who is wonderful) was sadly diagnosed with Cancer, and not just one, over Xmas so he has started some treatment this week. We are all so worried, especially as he and my Mum live just over an hours drive away so we can’t even pop in!
AND to top it all off on a not so serious note, the Ruddy bath started leaking AGAIN over New Year…AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!

But enough moping! To get away from it all I did manage to grab a few minutes yesterday to do a LO and forget the stresses of the past few weeks…

I am quite pleased with this one but mainly because I ove the colour combonation rather than the Layout! I dug out a lot of old goodies and it really is amazing how much ‘stuff’ I have that I had forgotten about!

7 thoughts on “Welcome 2011!

  1. oh lou sorry to hear about your step dad, you really have had some rotten health luck over the past few months, i hope 2011 is a happy healthy one x

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your stepdad – I hope his treatment starts soon and is a success. Glad though to hear you're all on the mend.

    It does show that your scrapping talent hasn't left you with your flu bug, it's a stunning layout, and it's funny how so called “old” stash is just as wonderful as new stash LOL.

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