Altered heart chalkboard…

You may start to notice that I am soooo into altering things lately. I am still scrapping, but it is a nice change to be working in 3D! I even went to my local craft & hobby store a few days ago and stocked up on things to play around with and alter, and I could be spotted collecting thin bendy twigs on the way home from school this morning 🙂 (That’s another post completly!)

So here is my lastest that I made last night, and I love it. As always, it looks so much better IRL, but still the close-ups should give you an idea of all the little details!

I had originally had in mind to do a flowery, pretty, little girly thing with it, but when I remembered I had this photo, I started to get a fresh heap of inspiration!

The frame was an aged, almost whitewashed wood already but I added some white paint splats, spritzing and some script stamping in dark brown. A lot of this is now covered with embellishments but if you look closley you may spot some!

I wanted to show his personality through the embelishments…

Leaves for his love of outdoors & the charm speaks for itself 🙂

Bookpages, twine and the photo printed on canvas just suited the style I wanted to use…

…Paint splats show his need to be messy, plus he loves anything arty, hence the letters and numbers too…he loves to try to write and draw…

and the key symbolises his curiosity!

I used some Prima packaging layered up as tabs, and cut out a barcode. I love these as a masculine embellishment!
I think this is going to hang in my craft area for the time being until I get sick of admiring it!
I also have a table lamp that I have adorned MASSIVELY but I shall show that next time!

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