Pencil Lines Sketch 227

As soon as I saw this sketch over at Pencil Lines, I knew just what photo I would use!

I stitched real canvas to a cardstock background, and used a new technique I have found for transfering patterned paper print onto material (more of that another time!)

Yep, they are real twigs. not sure how they will age, but they look pretty good! The leaves are not real, but I have spritzed them to get the colours I wanted.

The butterflies were found in my local harberdashery AGES ago!

The entire page only took abut an hour once I had finished transfering that gorgeous lace pattern from a sheet of BG Curio paper. I couldn’t work with it again til it was dry! Still, I love the rough, worn look…shame a lot of it is covered over! 🙂
Thanks for looking!

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