New LO, New Era, New Discovery!

First a new LO…

This one was created for a submission which I will explain at a later date. I am assuming I probably didn’t get on the team I wanted with it, so I should think it is safe to post by now! I think the woodgrain paper is from the new MME stella & rose collection. I really wanted lots of bright, bold contrast but didn’t have any really bright orange flowers that I would have liked. So instead I mixed up some paints and slapped it on these paper flowers.
The zip is an accent I love to use on my pages at times, but they are not easy to adhere, especially if I want it part way open!

A New Era…My baby boy has now started his education! Ok, so it is only preschool, but it seems so early! They are now taking children slightly younger than before when Izabelle went, which makes him seem too young, but he loves it and I am sure I shall enjoy a few hours peace each week! He was really super excited about going and walked around with his backpack on for a goo half an hour before we had to leave!

Here he is FINALLY leaving the house…

Spot the favorite teddy in tow?

…and here he was after! From what I understand he had two and a half hours of almost uninterrupted sand play, battling off any other poor child who dared to try and play with it too! Not quite got the hang of sharing yet!

Finally, a new discovery? Well, it is totally non-scrapping related, but I have noticed the past few years that I cannot stomach caffeine, and the longer I have been without it, the harder it hits my body when I do indulge a little! However, after a cup or two today (thinking I would be ok!) I have discovered that not only do I get the usual upset tummy still, but also it triggers off panic attacks, which I am already prone to! So tonight as I write this, I am very anxious, downing water to try to flush it out and cursing myself as much as I do when I get a hangover from alcohol! So note to self: Just one cup will NOT be ok, so don’t even think about it! Rant over!!

6 thoughts on “New LO, New Era, New Discovery!

  1. I can always spot your LOs when I'm scrolling down thru Google Reader, they're so distinctive and this one is gorgeous as always. That's such a sweet story about your little man and it's great that he enjoyed his first day.

  2. Hi Lou, Gorgeous LO, love all the elements and painting the flowers has worked brilliantly. I recognise that sketch and know the design team you have entered for (as I have too 🙂 )and they haven't decided on the design team yet so you're still in with a chance. The new design team will be published on their website on Wed 16th. Good luck, it's a brilliant LO so you're in with a great chance 🙂

  3. Love the LO the zip is ingenious love it. Enjoy your time while the little one is enjoying his at school.I can't imagine not being able to drink tea! so sympathise with you on your tummy probs. Hope you feel better soon. X

  4. Lou I love your pg…that is such great paper…love the overall design!

    I cannot believe your little guy is already for a backpack and school…wow! He is completely adorable!

    Sorry about your tummy issues…my sister has the same problem with caffeine…it stinks!

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