Don’t you just love it…

…when old school friends get in contact with you on Facebook? Well one particular friend messaged me the other day saying she had seen my scrapbooking album and would like me to do something for her! This is always flattering when the person hasn’t even seen my work IRL but what she wants me to do for her is actually pieces for her wedding! Four in fact…what an honour?!

She gave me the colour scheme, and wants these 8″ pages to incorporate photos of the happy couple,. They will sit on easels on the buffet table (which the one above is), the card/pressy table, the guest book table and one other which is yet to be decided.

She chose the ‘Love is sweet, Please take a Treat’ title, as this will be going beside a sweet buffet! How Cool?!

So fingers crossed this is what she expected, I have sent the pics off to her and am waiting to hear back!!! Nerve wracking!!!!


  1. I can confirm i loved it!! I have literally just taken the time to read Lous blog and have spotted this!! I cannot wwait to see the rest!!


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