My little dude!

This is what we are always calling Oliver, and I am sure I have previously titled my LO’s this too! But anyway, that is just what he is, especially in that hat!!
These photos are really bad, and edited as best I can to brighten them up, but I have lost a lot of the detail. Sorry, but after spending 2hrs in bed with a tummy bug I am NOT venturing outside to retake them today!!

I cut around the photo to make a change from having the straight edges, and broke :0 a Kaisercraft wooden flourish in two so I could have it frame the picture.

Not saying too much today…off to go and feel sorry for myself again! Hope you all have a fab weekend! X

6 thoughts on “My little dude!

  1. Gorgeous LO, love the way the flourish frames the photo perfectly 🙂 Just spotted the zip on the layout, I really must dig mine out and use them. Hope you are feeling better now 🙂

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