The Colour Room pallette #96

Have you ever created a layout that you thought you were happy with, then after a while, come back to it and decided it could be improved? This is exactly what has happened with this one! I have decided to post the layout anyway, but I would like to get around to adding to it before we loose the daylight today…fingers crossed!
I made it to play along with The Colour Rooms latest pallette, which was quite girly so I picked three colours to concentrate on, then used the fourth, which was pink, as an accent.

I embossed these chipboard ferns with green embossing powder, and close up they have a gorgeous felt texture 🙂

I plan on adding some more neutral blooms around the fern leaves, some more stitching, and perhaps some paint splatting, although this may be difficult now things are all stuck down…so I hope to be back soon with an improved version

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