You know what my biggest problem is when it comes to updating my blog? I do a lot of DT work so long before they are published/posted online that by the time I am able to post the work here, I have forgotten I have done them! Well that is my excuse for today anyway 🙂
So while I think about it, here are a few LO’s that were published in Scrapbook Magazine recently…
The article was one on using Patchwork techniques on your scrapbook pages. My sewing machine really had to show its worth whilst I did this assignment…and I loved every minute of it!
For this first, I took inspiration from the bright colours in the BG Piccadilly papers I was using and continued the colours into the clusters of flowers too. I was stepping well out of my comfort zone, by not sticking to the paler more neutral tones I am used to but I loved the end result and have promised myself I will scrap in colour more often!

 This photo is my mum at Xmas with her newest Grandchild, my niece. She is just the sweetest little thing 🙂

This second LO was very quick and simple.
In fact, it was only the title blocks that took any time at all to do!

 …and this is a photo of my little girl that I will never tire of scrapping!

I also wanted to show that stitching and patchwork needn’t be restricted to girly LOs. I love this photo of Oliver so I repeated it as the main focus of the page. I enjoyed adding more masculine accents for a change!

So there’s a few but I am in the middle of a LO as I type, and have a couple of bits going up on the Papermaze blog soon that I will, without excuses, remember to post on here 😉


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