Something a bit different…

This week over at The Color Room the palette is a mix of browns, creams and golds. So it got me thinking…how about doing a layout on wood rather than cardstock…and then I spotted this clipboard looking very lonely at work, waiting to be put up for sale! It was perfect, and it made me have to think in a different way altogether given that it is not 12″ x 12″.
 I started spritzing and splatting on the background, but of course the hardboard was just repelling all water based inks I used, so I had to clear heat emboss all my paint splatters to make them hold! Then I got messy with the moulding paste and some white acrylic paint. I planned on having quite a bit of white space but it didn’t turn out quite so…I got a bit carried away with the background!

 I love photo booth and filmstrip style photos so this was the perfect opportunity to use one. 

 To tone down some of the ink and paint on my background, I added corrugated card letters in a similar colour to the clipboard. As this was a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ themed piece, I was free to use flowers with metal cogs and really mix up and contradict the theme.

 I really, really enjoyed doing this piece, and am now thinking of buying another one do do with my daughters photos….

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