the eye of the storm….

So this afternoon honestly feels like a short break between mad times. Ive had a super duper amount going on the past few weeks, and on Monday we are all going on holiday (yes by all, I mean us 2 with 5 kids, and meeting up with another 11 of my family!) So with one thing and another the past hour or two looks like the only time I am going to get to myself until Tuesday 4th Sept when the sproggs finally finish school Summer holidays and normality returns (can we have a HUGE cheer??!!)

So this is what I created, playing along with CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration  most recent challenge….

I just loved throwing on what I thought looked good, instead of worrying what products I had to use, or which method I was supposed to be demonstrating! But now I must go prepare a dinner for 7 hungry people, so that looks like that is my ‘me time’ done….see you again in a few weeks!

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