Time out…

At the moment I am absolutely overloaded with DT work. In fact, I really should be doing some now instead of udating my blog. However, over the years I have learnt that I need to give myself a break between articles and layouts to have a breather and get my head straight. If I slog on through all the work, I tend to get tired and let the quality of what I am making drop. Not good!

So today I was all set to get on with one of the articles for a magazine. But while I was pushing paper around trying to stick to the brief, I found my mind wandering, thinking about a couple of techniques I had seen recently and was desperate to try out! So the commisioned work went away and out came my paints, inks, heat gun etc….

This layout is not for a challenge, DT or magazine. i just created it because I felt like it. The technique i was trying out was the brickwork underneath. It was texture paint with a mask. dry. Spritz heavily with bright ink. dry. finally cover in Gesso and dry again but with a heat gun. The heat makes the thick layers bubble, and cracks of the colour show through.
It sort of worked, although it needs a bit of tweeking but I went and covered most of it up anyway!
For the fabric strips I spritzed some medical quaze and frayed the edges. I added a strip of Tim Holtz Tissue Tape through the centers and stitched it all on my page. With the heat gun I then sealed and singed the edges.

The paint drips were made using  gesso and some mists. I mixed them to make the exact colour I wanted then dripped and dryed each one at a time.

Thanks for looking…now I need to get back onto the work!!!


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