An Announcement & new Case File…

If you follow C.S.I. Color, Stories, Inspiration..then you will have already heard that I have just made it onto their fabulous DT!

My term started this week with this gorgeous case file, no.44…
So here is what I created. The journaling is all about my happy little man, which I have copied below.

Journaling: Every day, Oliver, you light up my world with four simple steps…

Firstly, your smile, or should I say your cheeky grin. No matter how long someone has known you, or how they may be feeling, your smile can not fail to cheer them up, and it has the same effect on me.

Secondly, your innocence. You are so sweet, and kind, not a single harsh thought, or cruel motive has ever crossed your mind. Cruelty and deliberate hurt are unknown to you, and this shines through in your personality.

Thirdly, How you love to be loved. You cuddle, and kiss, and say you love me, and the rest of our family daily. You give kisses to virtual strangers when we say goodbye to them, and need the tightest squeeze before you go to bed.

Lastly, your conversation. You love to talk, and be talked to. If there is any silence you will make up a story just to fill it. You are the funniest little person to listen to, with so much expression in your voice and so many questions to ask, I could chat to you forever.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog 🙂

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