A little birthday treat…

This weekend just gone was my birthday and I decided that I would like to treat myself to a class or workshop on the day. Luckily, Hels Sherriden was holding one not far from me, so myself and my mum went along. It was a miserable day, so we were glad to be indoors crafting and this is the canvas I created…

There is loads of texture, blending of paints and flowers…just how like like it! 🙂

I loved how we used Treasured Gold over black paint to created an old metal effect. 
So this week I am unbelievably busy. I have a crafty, work related ‘thing’ to do tomorrow which I am super nervous about (to the point of having bad dreams about it!) but if it all works out ok I will be shouting about it after. Sorry to tease but I don’t want to jinx it in any way! I am also going away to teach at the PaperArts retreat in Swindon on Friday and Saturday, which leaves little time for much else this week! Maybe I’ll get a little crafty play one day next week…(insert sarcastic laugh to self!) 

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