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Last month I ventured to Ideal House in Peterborough, home of Ideal World Shopping Channel Studios, to take part in a screen test. For those of you who aren’t sure (as I wasn’t at first!) before you can take part in any Live TV for Ideal World, you need to take a test, as such. This involves doing a demonstration in front of a camera, with one of their presenters, to see if you would withstand the stress, nerves and on-the-spot questions. It is also a check that you can dress and talk ‘as expected’ and that you have enough knowledge of the products and that you are confident (haha!)
So I sat at home on the morning of my test, watching the shows live as a last bit of ‘cramming’ in preparation, and then left for the 2 hour drive to the studios. When I got there, I was shown to a green room to wait to be called. So I walked into this room, which reminded me of a small flat with a kitchenette, bathroom, sofas, tv etc, and there, sitting in front of me chatting away were only the presenters and demonstrators I had been watching on the shows that very morning…how surreal???
Anyway, after some general chit chat and hobnobbing with these lovely people, I was finally called to ‘do my thing’. It is a pass or fail situation, and I was so relieved to have been told after my test, and a tour of the studios, that I had passed! However….
This still has to be confirmed by a producer after they have watched your tape back. Ideal World will email the company who have sent you with your confirmation ‘soon’.
So I went home, happy to have been told I had passed, but still had that niggle in the back of my mind that the producer may look back and find a problem.
I waited….
and waited….
and tried chasing…..
and docrafts tried chasing….
and waited……
until finally…..
‘we have received a reply…Well Done on Passing! Looks like they really liked you!’
So maybe, one day in the future, you just may flick over to Create and Craft and see little ol’ me on there 🙂
But until then, I just wanted to show you the few samples I made up in prep for the screen test. I chose to demonstrate  the range of Gorjuss stamps that docrafts stock….and they really are gorgeous!

I only had time to recreate one of the stamped girls, the one on the first card, but I had plenty of back up with me in case I needed it! 

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