Hello! My name is…

16174831_10154804735964404_2669529212493939428_nFINALLY!!! She blogs!

Im so glad you’ve found me here! After a few years off the blog train, I am back!!

I am soooooo looking forward to sharing with you projects, techniques, news and events…plus a little about my crazy zoo at home!

For now, please do add me to your reading lists, follow me and hit ‘like’ over on my other social pages, to avoid missing a thing.

For today I have a week of exciting new shows to prepare for over on Create and Craft TV, and some more wedding planning to catch up on, so I will be back with you all in a day or two with a new project I am working on in my (haha) spare time….its so much fun!!

I just want to leave you with the sentiment in the photo. I strongly believe that if you follow your passion and create a career from it, you will never work a day in your life. Don’t forget, I built my career up from making cards from the little ribbons snipped out of clothes (you know, the ones you cut out but are supposed to help them hang?!) and my left over invitation scraps.

It was a lot of hard work and commitment, plus an abundance of dissapointments and surprises, but every day I am grateful that I never gave up, and now I couldn’t be happier.

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