Crafting ’til the wee hours…

How many times have you found yourself accidentally still up in the early hours of the morning in the name of craft? I’ve lost count personally. Isn’t it wonderful to get so submerged in a project that time flies and you loose hours? Now that is true passion for something!

I am lucIMG_2323.JPGky enough to be able to craft into the late hours around once a month, although its not exactly in the same way. Tattered Lace has an inspirational magazine full of paper craft projects, around 30 each issue, and as a subscriber to this magazine, readers have full access to a library of videos on how each of these projects are put together, and guidance through some of the more complicated techniques.

Only each video needs filming, and at a time when the Create & craft studio is not doing live shows. So that’ll be somewhere between 10pm and 8am then! As this filming takes approximately 5 hours to complete between myself and one of my fellow Tattered Lace demonstrators, such as Corrine Robinson or Nancy Watt, we set a date each month and roll into the studios, ready to start these back to back 5 minute long videos at 10pm, or soon after. IMG_2326.JPG

Loaded with snacks of the unhealthy variety, time does still fly and we zoom through each segment, breaking only briefly to change the tapes used and to make jokes in order to keep our fellow Producer, Director, Camera person and Floor staff awake! Last night we also had the lovely Barry upstairs in the gallery, but I have no idea what he actually does…sorry Barry!!

Around 3-4am we complete all the videos and waste no time in packing up and heading home, or in my case, to the hotel. If we are lucky we get a day off the next day, but not this time for me! Im just about to head back to the studio to do some sample cards, and I will be back on air tonight at 8pm with a new Collection called Paisley Parade that launched yesterday! I hope everyone has a wonderful, Crafty weekend!



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