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As we know, wedding season is in full swing, and a couple will spend roughly around the equivilant of a years salary on their special day.

Now that is a lot of time, money and effort to impress guests for a day, but what will they actually remember after all that planning?

The dress? Only if they maybe attended fashion college.

The food? Unless you have Gordon Ramsey preparing it in front of the guests, probably not.

The vows? I am not sure I even remember my own after a week!

It will be something that is unique. Something the guests have never seen before and that was not also at the other 3 weddings they’d attended that year!

So when planning my own wedding recently, I really wanted to personalise everything. Even shop bought decorations would be altered, and every element of our big day was unlike anyone else’s.

Personalised Event Schedule with clock


Now since our day, I have asked our guests what they remember, and what they enjoyed most. EVERY SINGLE GUEST complimented the decor. The little personalised touches and the handmade or hand-decorated pieces.

But this is a theory not limited to Weddings. What about Corporate Open Days, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christenings…




Vintage Seating Plan
Handmade book themed Table Numb

So, it is with this, and after twelve months of thoroughly enjoying my own preparation, that I have chosen to venture into offering bespoke event and celebration decor.If you are planning an event, no matter how big or small, we can have a chat about your chosen style or colour theme, what you would like to have produced, and most importantly, your budget.

I could then come up with some ideas tailored just for you. Let me help you make your day extra special. Contact me via the ‘Lets Talk’ page!


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  1. Very talented lady with some amazing ideas. Best of luck with the new venture.

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