If the shoe fits…

Custom decorated shoes for occasions or display.

It all began back when a collegue broke her ankle dancing at work in Uber-high heels. She LOVED those shoes, and vowwed to wear them again one day, despite her doctors warnings. So in true friend style, I ‘borrowed’ those shoes and set to work, ensuring that the two shoes of the pair were so different and unique, that she could never wear them out, together at least, again. The result meant that the offending sky high heels are now sat on her dressing room shelf as a momento, and at the moment at least, my friend is sticking to small heels at most.

However, during the process of getting creative with these shoes, I found I thoroughly enjoyed it, and there were so many comments from people, and requests from people to do their own shoes for occasions.


Do you have a super-comfy pair of shoes that you’d like revamped for a big day? 

Do you have a favourite pair of shoes you can’t wear any more but don’t want them put away in a box forever? 

Whatever your request, I can alter and decorate shoes old or new to your own requirements…steampunk, flowery, themed…you name it.
Email me for a chat hello@loucollins.co.uk about how you can have unique, bespoke shoes that you already know fit you like a glove!


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