Crafting for others…

Good Morning Crafters! I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. I’ve just had this pop up in my memories on my phone, right back from around 2010 maybe?! Have you ever had a friend or family member going through a really tough time? In need of knowing you’re there for them but has more than enough cards and flowers already? This is why I made my Mum this notebook. Her husband was diagnosed with Cancer, and whilst everyone was sending him love and well wishes, I noticed she was drowning in trying to remember appointments and medication doses for him, whilst putting on a strong front. So I put this together for her. She could write down everything she needed in one handy place and keep it in her bag. Plus the fact I’d made it from scratch showed the love put in to it. It helped her feel more in control of the whole horrible situation. So what have you used your crafting to make for someone else? I’d love to see photos!

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