Brush Calligraphy

I have always wanted to improve my handwriting.Despite being classed as ‘artistic’ my handwriting is terrible. This is the main reason I have never before tried my hand at calligraphy. I love the look of it, especially Brush Lettering, but I guessed I needed to have partly neat writing to begin with.

I was apparently wrong.

I bought a book by Kirsten Burke called ‘Secrets of Modern Calligraphy. It is mostly based on using a fountain pen, but within a day of reading the tips and techniques and practising the same methods with my brush pens, I was able to do the below. Seriously…24 hours!

now I have a long way to go before I can just pick up a pen and produce amazing lettering without practising, but I am so pleased with my start. If you have ever thought you may like to try, please do have a go. You will be surprised at how therapeutic it is too!!

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