Wooden board effect…

Good Morning Crafters! I do hope you are all staying safe and warm with the cold weather we’ve been having.

As I’ve been busy at the Creative Craft Show this week, I have not had chance to get any videos done for you, so instead I’d like to bring back an old project I did as a class a few years ago. I believe on this layout we made the wood grain background, starting with just a sheet of plain 12” x 12” chipboard!!

The effect was achieved by:

1. Dragging white Gesso in downward strokes, covering the chipboard unevenly.

2. Heat drying the Gesso, causing the thicker layers of Gesso to bubble.

3. Dragging brown (or your colours of choice) blending inks in the same downward direction over the dried and uneven Gesso. This will catch and be darker on raises areas.

4. For the boards, I used a ruler and scratched downward lines through the Gesso, with the odd horizontal line.

If I get time today I will put together a quick video of this technique for you 😊

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