Embossed Parchment…

So here’s a very pretty technique that takes very little effort to create a stunning effect. Simply take a piece of parchment paper, the thicker the better, and pop it into an embossing folder. Run it through your machine as normal and voila!! A beautiful sheet of expensive and luxurious looking backing paper for your projects.

Team this with kraft cardstock, pretty pastels and some bakers twine for an elegant look.

As for adhering the Parchment to your card, either apply a glue under where your embellishments will be so that it is hidden, or as I have done above, cut out photo corners to hold the panel ‘glue-free’

9 thoughts on “Embossed Parchment…

  1. Lovely Lou.
    What is the weight of the parchment paper. When I emboss parchment paper it tears. I do use manual embossing machine . Do you have a special techique for that ? Thanks Hala x

    1. Hi! I think mine was around 160gsm but as thick as you can get it is best. If you are using a manual machine, try lowering the pressure a little or removing a thin plate or mat if you can. Parchment needs to stretch slowly and gradually to prevent tearing x

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