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July was ridiculously busy, but then would I have it any other way?! With Issue 1 of Simply Lettering magazine launching in the shops, and of course I’ve still needed to be working on issues 2, 3 & 4 it’s been a rollercoaster of nerves and excitement! The launch went better than I could have possibly hoped for, but if you haven’t yet grabbed yours, you still can find it at some Tesco’s, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, WHSmiths, Hobbycrafts and of course online at

The day after launch of course my kids broke up for the Summer. My son is going up to high school and my daughter now beginning her GCSEs. Scary times! So that was a week packed full of plays, assemblies and parties!

However, now they are off, and with us living in a fairly remote village, they are both constantly looking for things to do. While my 11 year old son is happy to go out on his bike with his friends, my daughter at 14 wants to work and make her summer a fun but constructive one. We asked around about little jobs, but nothing suited with her age unfortunately. So then she had the idea of making items to sell. I was thinking little pasting table in the front garden with homemade fairy cakes, but she had much bigger plans.

Now she has always been concerned about the environment, chastising us for not recycling or reusing everything we possibly can, and having a long moan about unnecessary plastic packaging. With this mindset she came up with the idea of making washable items to replace everyday throwaway ones. With a little planning, research and searching for materials, she came up with a design that she was happy she could reproduce quickly enough, was durable for its use but then later would decompose, and was affordable to encourage others to make the switch.

With a little extra help from me on the funding side (I have now lost my overlocker and every scrap of fabric I owned) and on the website design side, on Monday 29th July she launched Nature and I!

She has begun with washable face pads to replace Cotton pads and disposable wipes we all so often use and throw away. Then there’s the ‘Mop-Ups’ which can be used all over the house, but are aimed at craft areas for wiping up ink, paint, glue…anything we would pull out the wet wipes for again!

She also has a Facebook page you can find here:

So far she has had lots of orders, and has been kept very busy. She’s also had some very useful new ideas for washable products, which she is currently testing, and is booked on a course to learn more too!

I am so proud of everything she had done the past two weeks, and at just 14, who knows what she will be doing in ten years time!?!

proud parent part over now, I lastly wanted to make you aware of a new product that I am launching on Create and Craft TV this week. Wednesday 7th August sees the launch of the new WRMK Foil Quill, but not as you already know it. This tool does not require an electronic cutting machine, as it is the freehand version!! Yep! Writing, doodling, drawing, lettering, highlights…whatever it is you’d like to add in foil to your projects, regardless of the shape or size of them, you can with this tool! I am so excited to show you more, but for now I’ll leave you with this little sneak peek, and hopefully see you on Wednesday 😊

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