About Lou Collins…

Lou Collins is a born creative, living in Suffolk, UK, with her fiancé, two children and numerous animals.

Lou has been paper crafting as a hobby since childhood, and has worked in the craft industry as a Freelance Designer for over 7 years. Crafting in any forms her release, and the excitement is still apparent every time she transforms a blank canvas into something eye-catching. img_0024

Beginning her career creating projects for a range of craft publications, she has also fronted social media productions, in-store demonstrations and trade show stands for various established companies within the craft industry. During this time, Lou has won awards for her Scrapbooking and Card Making, and has a large following on social media.

Designing projects for a variety of international companies and manufacturers, Louise has also been involved in the design process of some craft products in the past, and is proud that these products continue to be popular worldwide.

In the past few years, Lou has been appearing regularly on Create & Craft TV and Create & Craft USA, as a Guest Expert and Demonstrator, exhibiting a sound 20131024_184141000_iosknowledge of the craft products she is working with, and displaying techniques that appeal to all crafting abilities. During her time as a demonstrator, she has also learnt and displayed successful sales techniques to enhance her demonstrations.

Lou not only creates cards, but also enjoys working with mixed media and on home decor, giftware, soft crafts and scrapbooking. She prides herself on producing inspirational pieces that are unique and unlike any other demonstrations to allow viewers to realise the true potential of any product.

Lou’s hopes for her future in the craft industry is to continue building on her experiences as a successful demonstrator, as well as inspiring and teaching crafters new and old, to make the most out of a hobby and career she feels passionately about herself. It is important to Lou that she continues to pass on all the knowledge and passion she possesses, and inspires crafters on a daily basis.

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